Triad International Corporation @ Sourcing at MAGIC
Post By Taiwan Green Trade Project Office
On: 2015/08/13

Triad International Corporation has 40 years of textile trading experience, and has formed manufacturing partnerships in China and Cambodia. Triad International specializes in the utilization of Millennium fabrics, supplying products ranging from fabrics to garments to its global customers. Triad International also offers customized service for manufacturing various types of women casual wear both in woven and knit style, such as pull-on pants, leggings, one-piece dresses, etc.. The company’s factory Nasmi Industry Co., Ltd. is ILO (International Labor Organization) approved, and is awarded by the BFC (Better Factory in Cambodia). This year the company will join the ‘Green Light Outreach’ event in Las Vegas, showcasing its latest products at the ‘Taiwan Innovative Textiles and Accessories Gallery’.

The biannual ‘Sourcing at MAGIC’ exhibition is scheduled to be held on August 16-19. The ‘Taiwan Innovative Textiles and Accessories Gallery’ will be located at the North Hall, Las Vegas Convention Center (Booth 64914). During the exhibition, the Green Trade Project Office, in collaboration with the Taiwan Textile Federation, will also host the ‘ECO MEETS FASHION: New Products Launch Presentation’ on August 17, starting 14:30.

Triad International Corporation: Booth 64918
Taiwan Innovative Textiles and Accessories Gallery: Booth 64914

For more information, please visit company website: www.triad886.com.tw






(Photo Credit: unsplash.com/ohhhchelsea)