Taiwan Green Demo House
Post By Taiwan Green Trade Project Office
On: 2015/01/14
The global green economy is coming and green business revolutions are ready to explode !Encouraged by the Taiwan Government’s green growth policies, enterprises are increasingly mobilizing their capacities to access overseas’ markets by participating in international exhibitions.
At these exhibitions elaborate decorations are commonly used to showcase the most innovative green products and services. However, at the end of the exhibition the costly decorations are usually dismantled and scrapped, which is neither economic nor environm entally friendly !
The Taiwan Green Demo House idea was conceived by the Green Trade Project Office(GTPO),which has been promoting green trade work since 2011. Breaking from the traditional trade show model, the Taiwan Green Demo House was launched in 2013 and has quickly been recognized internationally for its innovative modular approach to delivering various green quality products/services.

For more information, please go to www.greentrade.org.tw/eng/demoguide_en

To download brochures, please link to www.greentrade.org.tw/eng/en/publications

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